Holiday 2002

A Season of Lights

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Mandala Meditations             

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    Where Will Your Heart Lead You?
an excerpt from Sacred Passage~Hidden Treasures

Leslie Palacio

Pathways Speaks with Wistancia Stone
Author of Invocations to the Light and Empowerment and Integration Through the Goddess

Wistancia Stone
Pathways Speaks with Carol Bowman
Author of Children's Past Lives and Return From Heaven

Carol Bowman
Excerpt from Return From Heaven
Carol Bowman

    Caramilk's Journey
    The Grand Game
Daniel Jacob
    Look, Mom, I'm Free
Betsie Poinsett
    The Wounded Healer
Dr. Joy Dunkin
    The Dance Between Feathers
Jeanette Walker
    Do You Believe?
Charlene Salvaggio PTR /RM
    A Light Thanksgiving Thought
Charlene Salvaggio PTR /RM
    Council of One Light Speaks about 11:11 energy
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
    One to One... One by One... We Become One
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
    An excerpt from Open Door from the Universe
Rev. Maria Lupita Martinez

    Our Christmas Visitor
Leslie Palacio
    Morning Rose
    Remember "Ohana"
    Silence is Golden: Indigos and Their Environments
Shari Clemens

Moon Songstress
    The Healer
Bright Feather
    Sunset View of the Oregon Skyline
Maya Reed
    Alexander Speaks
    IAM Falls Weeping Willow Tree
Rev. Stephanie 'Rain' Bratter
    Overshadowing of Mary
Linda G. Karriker
    Lotus and the Sun
Julia Gauvin
Constance d'Angelis

    Speaking Spirit - Groundhog Part I

    Truth or Blame
Constance d'Angelis

    A Prayer
Frances "Little Wolf" Rodriguez
    A Prayer
Leslie Palacio
    A Prayer
Charlene Salvaggio PTR /RM

    Messages From Archangel Michael:
Are you Ready to Take a Stand?

Ronna Herman
    The Tobias Materials:
The New Earth

Geoffrey Hoppe
    The Tobias Materials:
Gabriel's Trumpet

Geoffrey Hoppe
    The Tobias Materials:
Living in Two Worlds

Geoffrey Hoppe
    The Tobias Materials:
No Death

Geoffrey Hoppe
    Messages From Archangel Michael:
The Twelve Sacred Tribes of Creation

Ronna Herman

This section is dedicated to responding to readers questions. Your question will be anonymously forwarded to our Perspective Team. The team will then select a question for the coming edition and several team members will respond. This gives you the chance to hear a variety of views and experiences with the chosen topic.

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Mandala is sanskrit for circle, community or connection. It represents nature from the smallest seed to the entire universe. In the East, it is used for meditation, and focusing attention. Mandalas are a reminder to the viewer of the immanence of sactity in the universe and its potential in his or her self.

Psychiarist, Carl Jung, saw the Mandala as "a representation of the unconcious self." and belieced his paintings of mandalas enabled him to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholeness in personality.

In the west, the Mandala is used to refer to the "personal world" in which one lives. Depicting one's personal mandala in pictorial form can give one a good indication of the state of one's spiritual path.

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